1000 Things to Enjoy off the Internet

Internet and Technology Addiction can result in withdrawing from real life. By the time you decide it’s a problem, you have often forgotten other things you used to enjoy. So you don’t know what to do with yourself in your first days of abstinence from addictive forms of technology.
Here’s a list of 1000 activities to do or things to enjoy when you are getting off the Internet. This is the ultimate Long List of Pleasurable Activities, and we hope it will help you find joy in real life again.

  1. A clear desk
  2. A day with nothing to do
  3. A fresh snow
  4. A gentle breeze
  5. A gentle morning run
  6. A good novel
  7. A long conversation with a good friend
  8. A nature hike
  9. A very slow and sensual night with your partner
  10. Abseiling/rappelling
  11. Acting
  12. Acting crazy in public
  13. Admiring or smelling a flower or plant
  14. An empty email inbox
  15. An uncluttered room
  16. Archery
  17. Arranging flowers
  18. Attend a lecture
  19. Attend a political rally
  20. Attend an auction
  21. Babysitting for someone
  22. Baking a favorite treat
  23. Baking home-made bread
  24. Baking something to share with others (e.g. family, neighbours, friends, work colleagues)
  25. Banana split
  26. Beachcombing
  27. Beautiful scenery
  28. Become a non-creepy clown
  29. Becoming active in the community
  30. Being agreed with
  31. Being alone
  32. Being at events that celebrate others
  33. Being in an expensive car
  34. Being in charge
  35. Being in the city
  36. Being in the country or spending time with nature
  37. Being in the mountains
  38. Being invited out
  39. Being involved in politics
  40. Being lazy on a Sunday
  41. Being naked
  42. Being nice to someone who mistreated you
  43. Being noticed as attractive
  44. Being physically intimate with someone I want to be close to
  45. Being remembered by others
  46. Being with children/grandchildren
  47. Being with family
  48. Being with friends
  49. Being with happy people
  50. Being with someone you love
  51. Berries … mmmm
  52. Birdwatching
  53. Blowing bubbles
  54. Book in a day specifically for doing nothing
  55. Book in to the physio or massage therapist
  56. Borrowing books from the library
  57. Bowling
  58. Boxing a punching bag
  59. Breathing clean air
  60. Browsing a hardware store
  61. Browsing at a second hand book shop
  62. Browsing through a pawn shop or antique store
  63. Brush your hair
  64. Build a bonfire at night
  65. Build a model
  66. Building a bird house or feeder
  67. Building a sand castle
  68. Buy or make a gift for a loved one or a friend
  69. Buy or make yourself a present
  70. Buy some plants or do some gardening indoors or outdoors
  71. Buying a meal from a food truck or hawkers market and eating outdoors
  72. Buying an ice-cream from an ice-cream truck
  73. Buying books
  74. Buying CDs, tapes, records
  75. Buying clothes
  76. Buying fresh food at the market
  77. Buying household gadgets
  78. Buying music (MP3s, CDs, records)
  79. Buying new furniture
  80. Buying new stationary
  81. Buying or selling stocks or shares
  82. Buying records/CDs
  83. Buying, selling stocks and shares
  84. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  85. Call a friend or a family member and chat
  86. Call someone on the phone
  87. Calligraphy
  88. Calling a friend
  89. Canning, freezing, putting food away
  90. Caring for an aquarium
  91. Carry out an assertiveness exercise
  92. Change your hair color
  93. Checking something off your to-do list
  94. Cheering for a sports team
  95. Cheering for you team
  96. Choose a gift card for a special friend
  97. Chop wood
  98. Cleaning
  99. Climb mountains
  100. Coaching
  101. Coen brother movies
  102. Coffee
  103. Collecting
  104. Collecting old things
  105. Collecting shells
  106. Collecting things (coins, shells, etc.)
  107. Colouring in
  108. Combing or brushing my hair
  109. community
  110. Completing a difficult task
  111. Complimenting or praising someone
  112. Conduct an experiment
  113. Contacting an old friend
  114. Contemplate your career path
  115. Cook a recipe that you’ve never tried before
  116. Cook your favorite dish or meal
  117. Cooking a special meal for a date, holiday, or party
  118. Cooking an international cuisine
  119. Cooking some meals to freeze for later
  120. Counseling someone
  121. Create new art that you enjoy
  122. Cuddling
  123. Dancing
  124. Dancing in the dark
  125. Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles
  126. Dancing like you’re crazy
  127. Dangling my feet off a jetty
  128. Dark chocolate
  129. Daydreaming
  130. Debating
  131. De-cluttering
  132. Decorating your home
  133. Designing things
  134. Designing your dream home
  135. Digging my toes in the sand
  136. Dining out at a restaurant or café
  137. Discussing books
  138. Discussing complex social issues
  139. Do a crossword puzzle
  140. Do a puzzle with a lot of pieces
  141. Do an activity with children
  142. Do karaoke
  143. Do some exercise
  144. Do some gardening or water and fertilise the plants
  145. Do some outdoor work around the house
  146. Do some photography
  147. Do some work or finish up some chores
  148. Do the washing up
  149. Do volunteer work
  150. Do woodworking
  151. Do yardwork
  152. Do yoga, tai chi, or Pilates, or take classes to learn
  153. Doing “odd jobs” around the house
  154. Doing 5 minutes of calm deep breathing
  155. Doing a DIY project (e.g. making homemade soap, making a mosaic)
  156. Doing a favour for someone
  157. Doing a job well
  158. Doing a nagging task (e.g. making a phone call, scheduling an appointment, replying to an email)
  159. Doing a project my own way
  160. Doing arts and crafts
  161. Doing crossword puzzles
  162. Doing embroidery, cross stitching
  163. Doing favors for people
  164. Doing heavy outdoor work
  165. Doing housework
  166. Doing jigsaw puzzles
  167. Doing needlepoint, crewel, etc
  168. Doing something new
  169. Doing something nostalgic (e.g. eating a childhood treat, listening to music from a certain time in my life)
  170. Doing something on your own
  171. Doing something religious or spiritual (e.g. going to church, praying)
  172. Doing something spontaneously
  173. Doing Sudoku
  174. Doing the dishes
  175. Doing volunteer work
  176. Doing water aerobics
  177. Doing woodworking
  178. Donating blood
  179. Donating old clothes or items to charity
  180. Doodling
  181. Draw a picture, paint a painting, or do some coloring
  182. Draw or paint outdoors
  183. Dreaming
  184. Dress up in a disguise
  185. Dressing up and looking nice, either to go out or just because
  186. Drinking coffee/tea and reading the newspaper
  187. Driving a friend someplace
  188. Driving a Go Kart
  189. Driving a scenic route
  190. Early morning coffee and newspaper
  191. Eat chocolate (it’s good for you!) or eat something else you really like
  192. Eat snacks or something you enjoy
  193. Eat your favorite ice cream
  194. Eating a delicious meal
  195. Eating favorite foods
  196. Eating fish and chips at the beach
  197. Eating gooey, fattening foods
  198. Eating outside during my lunch break
  199. Eating something nourishing (e.g. chicken soup)
  200. Educate yourself in some aspect of your profession
  201. Enjoying a sunrise or sunset
  202. Enjoying peace and quiet
  203. Enjoying the company of my partner/spouse
  204. Enjoying time alone
  205. Enroll in a class
  206. Entering a competition
  207. Entertaining
  208. Exercising
  209. Experience your five senses, one by one
  210. Exploring with a metal detector
  211. Expressing love or affection
  212. Fantasizing about the future
  213. Feeding the birds
  214. Feeling proud of my family or friends
  215. Feeling the presence of God or a Higher Power in my life
  216. Figure out how something works
  217. Find a local men’s shed
  218. Find something amusing to do, like reading the Sunday comics
  219. Finish some task you have been putting off
  220. Fishing
  221. Fix something that is broken
  222. Fixing my hair differently
  223. Flipping through old photo albums
  224. Flirting
  225. Floating in the water
  226. Floating on a pool lounge
  227. Flowers
  228. Fly a kite
  229. Fly an airplane
  230. Follow the financial markets
  231. Foster animals for the local rescue shelter
  232. Fresh popped popcorn
  233. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
  234. Fries and a chocolate milkshake
  235. Gambling (if you aren’t prone to addiction)
  236. Genuinely listening to others
  237. Geocaching
  238. Get a good night’s sleep
  239. Get a haircut
  240. Get a manicure or pedicure
  241. Get a massage
  242. Get a pet
  243. Get back in shape
  244. Get dressed up
  245. Get out of your house, even if you just sit outside in the fresh air
  246. Getting a bargain
  247. Getting a foot rub
  248. Getting a hair cut and/or color
  249. Getting a manicure or pedicure
  250. Getting involved in a social/political cause
  251. Getting letters, cards, notes
  252. Getting money
  253. Getting out of debt/paying debts
  254. Getting rid of things you don’t need anymore
  255. Getting up early in the morning
  256. Getting/giving a massage
  257. Give a foot rub
  258. Give a massage
  259. Give to charity
  260. Give your pet a bath
  261. Giving a massage or back rub
  262. Giving a speech or lecture
  263. Giving away something you no longer use to someone who can use it
  264. Giving positive feedback about something (e.g. writing a letter or email about good service)
  265. Giving someone a genuine compliment
  266. Giving someone a hug
  267. Go antique shopping
  268. Go bike riding
  269. Go bird-watching
  270. Go bowling by yourself
  271. Go bowling with a group or join a bowling league
  272. Go camping
  273. Go canoeing
  274. Go crabbing or prawning
  275. Go dancing at a nightclub
  276. Go do an activity you’ve always wanted to try
  277. Go fishing
  278. Go for a boat ride
  279. Go for a bushwalk or hike
  280. Go for a drive (or ride) in the country
  281. Go for a ferry ride
  282. Go for a holiday
  283. Go for a jog
  284. Go for a long walk in a peaceful place that you enjoy
  285. Go for a long walk with your dog or borrow a friend’s dog
  286. Go for a run
  287. Go for a train ride along a scenic route
  288. Go for a vacation
  289. Go for a walk in a natural setting, such as the woods or a park
  290. Go hiking
  291. Go home from work
  292. Go horseback riding
  293. Go hunting
  294. Go ice skating
  295. Go jetskiing
  296. Go kayaking, canoeing or white-water rafting
  297. Go look at new cars
  298. Go mountain biking out in the country
  299. Go on a bike ride
  300. Go on a city tour
  301. Go on a date with someone new
  302. Go on a date with your loved one
  303. Go on a ghost tour
  304. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  305. Go on a picnic
  306. Go on a ride at a theme park or fair
  307. Go on a Segway tour
  308. Go on a trip
  309. Go on the swings
  310. Go out and have a cup of coffee with a friend
  311. Go out and have your favorite lunch
  312. Go out and visit a friend
  313. Go out for fresh air
  314. Go out for ice cream
  315. Go out on a date
  316. Go out to a restaurant to eat
  317. Go out to dinner
  318. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine
  319. Go outside and listen to the birds
  320. Go outside and look up at the stars
  321. Go outside and play with your pet
  322. Go outside and watch the birds and other living creatures
  323. Go outside to get out of your house
  324. Go play a game by yourself, like handball or miniature golf
  325. Go play something you can do by yourself if no one else is around, such as miniature golf,
  326. Go relax in an outdoor spa
  327. Go rock climbing
  328. Go roller skating/blading
  329. Go sailing or learn how to sail a boat
  330. Go sailing, kayaking or canoeing
  331. Go scuba diving
  332. Go shoot basketball hoops by yourself
  333. Go shopping and browse around
  334. Go shopping for new clothes
  335. Go sightseeing
  336. Go skateboarding
  337. Go skating
  338. Go snorkelling
  339. Go snow skiing or snowboarding
  340. Go surfing
  341. Go swimming in a lake
  342. Go swimming in the local pool
  343. Go take public transportation and people watch
  344. Go to a banquet
  345. Go to a bar
  346. Go to a barber for a hair cut and shave
  347. Go to a Bingo night
  348. Go to a boat show
  349. Go to a business convention
  350. Go to a cafe
  351. Go to a casino
  352. Go to a class reunion
  353. Go to a coffeehouse
  354. Go to a comedy club
  355. Go to a community or school play
  356. Go to a concert
  357. Go to a country inn
  358. Go to a craft fair
  359. Go to a fair or fete
  360. Go to a family reunion or get together
  361. Go to a flea market
  362. Go to a footy game (or rugby, soccer, basketball, etc.)
  363. Go to a free art exhibition
  364. Go to a free public lecture
  365. Go to a games arcade
  366. Go to a historical reenactment
  367. Go to a hot springs resort
  368. Go to a lecture
  369. Go to a library
  370. Go to a mall
  371. Go to a martial arts class
  372. Go to a movie in the middle of the week
  373. Go to a movie theater and watch whatever’s playing
  374. Go to a national/state/local park
  375. Go to a nightclub
  376. Go to a nursery
  377. Go to a party
  378. Go to a pet store
  379. Go to a public place and people watching
  380. Go to a quiz or trivia night
  381. Go to a religious service
  382. Go to a renaissance festival
  383. Go to a restaurant
  384. Go to a scenic spot and enjoying the view
  385. Go to a spa and relax in the steam rooms, sauna and other rooms available
  386. Go to a spectator sport (auto racing, horse racing)
  387. Go to a twelve-step meeting
  388. Go to a video arcade
  389. Go to a water park
  390. Go to an agricultural show
  391. Go to an amusement park
  392. Go to an aquarium
  393. Go to an auction
  394. Go to an auto show
  395. Go to art galleries
  396. Go to bed early
  397. Go to book club
  398. Go to church
  399. Go to church, praying (practising religion)
  400. Go to clubs (garden, sewing, bridge, support groups)
  401. Go to garage sales
  402. Go to karaoke
  403. Go to meetings
  404. Go to open houses
  405. Go to races
  406. Go to reunions
  407. Go to see live stand-up comedy
  408. Go to sleep on clean sheets
  409. Go to social clubs
  410. Go to spectator sports (auto racing, horse racing)
  411. Go to the aquarium
  412. Go to the ballet
  413. Go to the beach
  414. Go to the beauty parlor
  415. Go to the beauty salon
  416. Go to the botanic gardens
  417. Go to the electronics store
  418. Go to the footy
  419. Go to the gym
  420. Go to the gym, doing aerobics
  421. Go to the hairdresser or barber
  422. Go to the hardware store
  423. Go to the hills
  424. Go to the library
  425. Go to the library or book store
  426. Go to the mall or the park and watch other people
  427. Go to the mall or the park and watch other people; try to imagine what they’re thinking
  428. Go to the mountains
  429. Go to the ocean and swim
  430. Go to the ocean, a river, or a lake
  431. Go to the opera
  432. Go to the park
  433. Go to the planetarium or observatory
  434. Go to the racetrack
  435. Go to the speedway
  436. Go to the theatre
  437. Go to the zoo
  438. Go to your church, synagogue, temple or other place of worship
  439. Go to your favorite café for coffee or tea
  440. Go to your local playground and watch people playing
  441. Go to your local playground/park/sports field and join a game being played or watch a game
  442. Go watch a play
  443. Go water skiing
  444. Go whale watching
  445. Go white water rafting
  446. Go window shopping
  447. Go windsurfing
  448. Good grooming, yourself or others
  449. Good wine
  450. Harvesting home grown produce
  451. Have a barbecue
  452. Have a conversation
  453. Have a glass of fine wine (if you do not have a drinking problem)
  454. Have a picnic
  455. Have a pleasant daydream
  456. Have a sexual fantasy
  457. Have a snack you enjoy
  458. Have your fortune told
  459. Having a barbecue
  460. Having a drink with friends (if you aren’t an alcoholic0
  461. Having a frank and open conversation
  462. Having a lively talk
  463. Having a picnic
  464. Having a political discussion
  465. Having a quiet evening
  466. Having a spa, or sauna
  467. Having a treatment at a day spa (e.g. facial)
  468. Having a video call with someone who lives far away
  469. Having a warm drink
  470. Having an aquarium
  471. Having an indoor picnic
  472. Having an original and creative idea
  473. Having class reunions
  474. Having coffee at a cafe
  475. Having coffee or tea
  476. Having discussions with friends
  477. Having family get-togethers
  478. Having friends over
  479. Having house guests
  480. Having lunch with a friend
  481. Having open conversation
  482. Having quiet evenings
  483. Having sex
  484. Having someone greet you as if they are genuinely happy to see you
  485. Hearing a good sermon
  486. Hearing or telling a joke
  487. Help someone
  488. Helping someone else, or people in need
  489. Hiking
  490. Hit a tennis ball, racquetball or volleyball against the wall
  491. Hitting golf balls at a driving range
  492. Hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.)
  493. Holding a garage sale
  494. Holding hands
  495. Homemade pie
  496. Homemade strawberry shortcake
  497. Horseback riding
  498. House hunting
  499. Hug someone
  500. Hugging your child tightly
  501. Hunting for a bargain at an op shop, garage sale or auction
  502. Hunting or shooting
  503. Iced green tea
  504. Impressing a superior
  505. Introducing friends to each other
  506. Invent a healthful drink
  507. Invite a friend over
  508. Jogging, walking
  509. Join a club
  510. Join a discussion group
  511. Join a group at your place of worship
  512. Join a political group
  513. Join public speaking group such as Toastmasters and improve your communication and leadership skills
  514. Joining a club (e.g. film, book, sewing, etc.)
  515. Joining a community choir
  516. Juggling or learning to juggle
  517. Jumping on a trampoline
  518. Keeping a diary or journal
  519. Kicking leaves, pebbles, tin cans
  520. Kissing
  521. Kissing in the rain
  522. Knit, crochet, or sew-or learn how to
  523. Knitting/crocheting/quilting
  524. Landscaping or doing yard work
  525. Laughing
  526. Laying back and looking up at clouds
  527. Laying back and watching the stars
  528. Learn a new craft
  529. Learn a new language
  530. Learn a new song
  531. Learn calligraphy
  532. Learn fancy dives off the high board at the pool
  533. Learn how to make balloon animals
  534. Learn magic tricks and amaze your friends
  535. Learn salsa dancing
  536. Learn skateboard tricks
  537. Learn to juggle
  538. Learning a magic trick
  539. Learning a new language
  540. Learning about my family tree
  541. Learning new things
  542. Lie in the shade for a while
  543. Lifting weights
  544. Light a candle and watch the flame
  545. Lighting scented candles, oils or incense
  546. Listen to a podcast you enjoy or the radio
  547. Listen to a relaxation tape
  548. Listen to some music, or go and see a live music event
  549. Listen to some upbeat, happy music. (Start collecting happy songs for times when you’re feeling overwhelmed.)
  550. Listen to the radio
  551. Listen to the rain
  552. Listen to your favorite music (and maybe dance)
  553. Listening to a podcast or radio show
  554. Listening to an audiobook
  555. Listening to classical music
  556. Listening to good music in the car
  557. Listening to others
  558. Listening to the radio
  559. Listening to the sounds of nature
  560. Look at beautiful pictures in a book
  561. Look at the stars through a telescope
  562. Look up a suitable way to get active in your community
  563. Look up what social clubs are nearby
  564. Looking at pictures of beautiful scenery
  565. Looking at the night sky
  566. Looking at the stars or moon
  567. Losing weight
  568. loving people
  569. Maintaining a musical instrument (e.g. restringing guitar)
  570. Maintaining an aquarium
  571. Make a fire in the fireplace
  572. Make a list of ten celebrities you would like to be friends with and describe why
  573. Make a list of ten things you would like to do before you die
  574. Make a list of ten things you’re good at or that you like about yourself when you’re feeling good, and keep it with you to read when you’re feeling upset
  575. Make a list of the people you admire and want to be like-they can be real or fictional people throughout history. Describe what you admire about them
  576. Make a movie or video with your camcorder
  577. Make a movie with your phone
  578. Make a playlist or mix-tape that means something to you
  579. Make a scrapbook with pictures
  580. Make a videotape
  581. Make love
  582. Make someone laugh
  583. Make tea or hot chocolate
  584. Making a contribution to a charitable cause
  585. Making a gift for someone
  586. Making a gratitude list
  587. Making a playlist of upbeat songs to listen to when you’re down
  588. Making a sand castle
  589. Making a ‘To-Do’ list of tasks
  590. Making contributions to groups you believe in
  591. Making home-made pizza
  592. Making jams or preserves
  593. Making jewellery
  594. Making jigsaw puzzles
  595. Making lists of tasks
  596. Making my bed with fresh sheets
  597. Making pottery, or taking a pottery class
  598. Making someone smile
  599. Manage your finances
  600. Massaging hand cream into my hands
  601. Meditating/ Mindfulness exercises
  602. Meeting someone new
  603. Memorize lines from your favorite movie, play, or song
  604. Mowing the lawn
  605. Napping in a hammock
  606. Observe animals in the wild
  607. Opening the curtains and blinds to let light in
  608. Operating a remote control car / plane
  609. Organising my wardrobe
  610. Organising my work space
  611. Organize something (your closet, books, music, tools, etc.)
  612. Organize your pictures into an album or scrapbook
  613. Organizing your day
  614. Organizing your drawers, office, closet or pantry
  615. Organizing your finances
  616. Origami
  617. Paint a picture with a brush or your fingers
  618. Painting my nails
  619. Pampering myself at home (e.g. putting on a face mask)
  620. Participate in a discussion
  621. Participate in a local theater group
  622. Participating in a clean-up (e.g. picking up litter at the beach or park)
  623. Participating in a protest I support
  624. PB&J sandwich
  625. Peace and quiet
  626. Perform a community service
  627. Perform stand-up comedy
  628. Petting or cuddling my pet
  629. Photography
  630. Pick a character and make a costume to cosplay at a convention
  631. Pick up a pencil and paper and draw something
  632. Picking berries at a farm
  633. Picking flowers
  634. Pillow fights
  635. Plan a trip or short break
  636. Plan a trip to a place you’ve never been before
  637. Plan an evening or barbeque with some old friends
  638. Planning a day’s activities
  639. Planning a holiday
  640. Planning a nice surprise for someone else
  641. Planning a themed party (e.g. costume, murder mystery)
  642. Planning to go to college or university
  643. Planning trips
  644. Planning your career or a career change
  645. Play (or learn) a musical instrument
  646. Play a game of pool or billiards
  647. Play a lawn game (croquet, badminton, bocce, bowls)
  648. Play a musical instrument or learn how to play one
  649. Play a word game
  650. Play air hockey
  651. Play an instrument, or start learning to play one
  652. Play baseball
  653. Play Dungeons and Dragons
  654. Play foosball (table soccer)
  655. Play football
  656. Play rugby
  657. Play solitaire
  658. Play Ultimate Frisbee
  659. Play volleyball
  660. Playing a good game of basketball
  661. Playing a musical instrument
  662. Playing badminton
  663. Playing board games (e.g. Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue)
  664. Playing cards
  665. Playing catch
  666. Playing chess (with a friend or at a local club)
  667. Playing cricket
  668. Playing darts
  669. Playing footsie
  670. Playing Frisbee
  671. Playing golf
  672. Playing guitar
  673. Playing hockey
  674. Playing hooky
  675. Playing in the sand or on the grass
  676. Playing laser tag or paintball
  677. Playing mini golf
  678. Playing music with a band
  679. Playing ping pong / table tennis
  680. Playing soccer
  681. Playing softball
  682. Playing squash
  683. Playing tennis
  684. Playing with animals/pets
  685. Popcorn and an old movie on DVD
  686. Practice ballet or jazz/tap dancing
  687. Practice listening well to another person
  688. Practice playing pool or billiards by yourself
  689. Practicing religion or spirituality
  690. Practicing religion with a group (going to church, group praying, etc.)
  691. Practising karate, judo
  692. Pray
  693. Prepare a healthy meal
  694. Prepare a lovely table for a meal
  695. Prepare an elaborate holiday celebration
  696. Problem solving an interesting or complex question
  697. Put a puzzle together
  698. Put lotion on your body
  699. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  700. Putting a vase of fresh flowers in my house
  701. Putting extra effort in to my appearance
  702. Putting moisturising cream on my face / body
  703. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle
  704. Rake the leaves
  705. Read a magazine or the newspaper
  706. Read a short story
  707. Read a trashy celebrity magazine
  708. Read comic books
  709. Read the bible
  710. Read the encyclopedia
  711. Read the newspaper
  712. Read your favorite blog or poem
  713. Read your favorite book genre
  714. Reading classic literature
  715. Reading comics
  716. Reading fiction
  717. Reading magazines or newspapers
  718. Reading non-fiction
  719. Reading poetry
  720. Reading/watching erotica (sex books, movies)
  721. Re-arrange the furniture in your house
  722. Receiving a gift
  723. Receiving honors
  724. Recycle or donate some old items you don’t use anymore
  725. Redecorate a part of your home
  726. Redecorating
  727. Re-engage in an old favourite hobby
  728. Reese’s peanut butter cups
  729. Reflecting on how I’ve improved
  730. Refurbishing or restoring furniture
  731. Relaxing
  732. Remembering beautiful scenery
  733. Remembering the words and deeds of loving people
  734. Reminiscing & talking about old times
  735. Re-organise your files, cupboards, living space or shed
  736. Repairing things around the house
  737. Researching a topic of interest
  738. Re-watching a favourite movie
  739. Riding a bike
  740. Riding a motorcycle
  741. Riding a snowmobile or 4-wheeler
  742. Root beer float
  743. Running
  744. Sandboarding
  745. Saving money
  746. Savouring a piece of chocolate
  747. Savouring a piece of fresh fruit
  748. Saying “I love you”
  749. Saying prayers
  750. Saying yes to an opportunity
  751. Scheduling a day with nothing to do
  752. Scrapbooking
  753. Seeing a movie at the drive-in or outdoor cinema
  754. Seeing and/or showing photos or slides
  755. Seeing good things happen to others
  756. Seeing old friends
  757. Seeing your debt shrink
  758. Seeing your savings account grow
  759. Send someone a fax or e-mail
  760. Sending a handwritten letter
  761. Sending a loved one a card in the mail
  762. Sending a text message to a friend
  763. Serving your spouse a surprise breakfast in bed
  764. Setting up a budget
  765. Sewing, crochet, knitting, needlework
  766. Shaping a bonsai plant
  767. Share intimate experiences with someone you care about
  768. Sharing a favorite recipe
  769. Shaving
  770. Shining my shoes
  771. Shooting hoops at the local basketball courts
  772. Sightseeing
  773. Sign up for a class that excites you at a local college, adult school or online
  774. Signing up for a fun run
  775. Singing around the house
  776. Singing in the shower, loudly
  777. Singing with a group or choir
  778. Sit in the lobby of a beautiful old hotel
  779. Sit on the porch and watch the world
  780. Sitting at the beach or river and watching the movement of the water
  781. Sitting in a sidewalk café
  782. Sitting outside and listening to birds sing
  783. Sketching, painting
  784. Skipping stones on the water
  785. Skipping/ jumping rope
  786. Sleep or take a nap
  787. Sleeping in late
  788. Sleeping well
  789. Slowly eating your favorite treat
  790. Smelling a flower
  791. Smiling at people
  792. Smoke a pipe or cigar
  793. Smoking
  794. Snuggling in bed with your partner
  795. Snuggling up with a soft blanket
  796. Soaking in the bathtub
  797. Solve a brainteaser
  798. Solving financial problems
  799. Solving personal problems
  800. Solving puzzles
  801. Solving riddles mentally
  802. Spend some time with the kids (either yours or those close to you)
  803. Spend time with your family
  804. Spending an evening with good friends
  805. Spending time alone
  806. Spending time with children or young people
  807. Splurging on something
  808. Standing up for yourself
  809. Star gazing
  810. Start a collection (of books, coins, dolls, stamps, etc.)
  811. Start a diary
  812. Start a new hobby: model building, painting, woodworking
  813. Start an aquarium, garden, worm farm, terrarium, or compost
  814. Starting a project
  815. Staying on a diet
  816. Staying up all night talking
  817. Staying up late
  818. Stretch your muscles
  819. Study your schoolwork
  820. Surfing, bodyboarding or stand up paddle boarding
  821. Sweat and stretch doing Bikram yoga
  822. Swimming at night
  823. Swimming with dolphins
  824. Swinging on a swing
  825. Take a bath
  826. Take a belly dance class
  827. Take a bubble bath or shower
  828. Take a cooking class
  829. Take a hot bubble bath
  830. Take a look at an old photo album or journal
  831. Take a nap
  832. Take a sauna
  833. Take a shower
  834. Take a stay-cation- a vacation at home and explore your local city
  835. Take a trip on bus, train, or ferry
  836. Take a walk in a nearby park
  837. Take ballroom dancing lessons
  838. Take photographs
  839. Take pictures
  840. Take swing dance lessons
  841. Take tap dancing lessons
  842. Take yourself out to lunch
  843. Taking a bath
  844. Taking a class (e.g. cooking, improvisation, acting, art)
  845. Taking a free online class
  846. Taking a holiday
  847. Taking a hot bath
  848. Taking a long, relaxing shower
  849. Taking a nap
  850. Taking a road trip
  851. Taking a sauna, spa or a steam bath
  852. Taking a shower
  853. Taking a test when you know you are prepared
  854. Taking ballet lessons
  855. Taking children places
  856. Taking my dog to the park
  857. Taking photos
  858. Taking pictures
  859. Talk about last weekend’s sports games
  860. Talk to a friend on the phone
  861. Talk to a friend on the telephone
  862. Talking about children or grandchildren
  863. Talking about my children or grandchildren
  864. Talking about philosophy or religion
  865. Talking on the phone
  866. Talking to an older relative and asking them questions about their life
  867. Talking to or introducing myself to my neighbours
  868. Teaching a special skill to someone else (e.g. knitting, woodworking, painting, language)
  869. Telling jokes till your sides ache
  870. Test driving a new or expensive car
  871. Text message your friends
  872. The feeling after a good workout
  873. The smell of a new Moleskine notebook
  874. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  875. Think about your retirement, or what finishing your studies will be like
  876. Thinking “I did that pretty well” after doing something
  877. Thinking about a good future
  878. Thinking about becoming active in the community
  879. Thinking about buying things
  880. Thinking about friends
  881. Thinking about getting married
  882. Thinking about happy moments in my youth
  883. Thinking about having a family
  884. Thinking about my achievements
  885. Thinking about my good qualities
  886. Thinking about past travels
  887. Thinking about people I like
  888. Thinking about pleasant events
  889. Thinking about retirement
  890. Thinking about something good in the future
  891. Thinking how it will be when I finish school
  892. Thinking I have a lot going for me
  893. Thinking I have done a full day’s work
  894. Thinking I’m a person who can cope
  895. Thinking religious thoughts
  896. Thinking spiritual or religious thoughts
  897. Thoughts about happy moments in my childhood
  898. Throw a party
  899. Tick a couple of small items off your “to do list.”
  900. Training my pet to do a new trick
  901. Travel to a country where you don’t know the language
  902. Traveling abroad or in th United States
  903. Traveling in a plane
  904. Traveling to national parks
  905. Travelling abroad, interstate or within the state
  906. Try a new recipe
  907. Try bungee jumping
  908. Try doodling or sketching whatever comes to mind
  909. Try parasailing
  910. Try sky yoga
  911. Try skydiving
  912. Trying a new recipe
  913. Trying new hairstyles
  914. Turn on some loud music and dance in your room/home
  915. Turning off electronic devices for an hour (e.g. computer, phone, TV)
  916. Upcycling or creatively reusing old items
  917. Using cologne, perfume or aftershave
  918. Using special items (e.g. fine china, silver cutlery, jewellery, clothes, souvenir mugs)
  919. Using time wisely
  920. Viewing or showing photos to someone else
  921. Visit a fresh food or flower market
  922. Visit a friend
  923. Visit a geyser
  924. Visit a library
  925. Visit a museum
  926. Visit a new place
  927. Visit a relative
  928. Visiting a grandparent
  929. Visiting friends
  930. Visiting the sick
  931. Volunteering at an animal shelter
  932. Volunteering for a cause I support
  933. Waking to a clean house
  934. Waking up early, and getting ready at a leisurely pace
  935. Walk in the rain, stepping in puddles
  936. Walking around my city and noticing architecture of buildings
  937. Walking barefoot on soft grass
  938. Walks on the beach/riverfront/shoreline
  939. Wander in a book shop, antique store or fishing & camping store
  940. Washing my car
  941. Washing my hair
  942. Watch a funny movie. (Start collecting funny movies to watch when you’re overwhelmed)
  943. Watch a rugby game
  944. Watch television
  945. Watch your favourite TV program
  946. Watching a fireplace or campfire
  947. Watching a funny TV show or movie
  948. Watching a provocative or interesting documentary
  949. Watching a storm
  950. Watching animals in nature
  951. Watching boxing, wrestling
  952. Watching children play
  953. Watching fireworks
  954. Watching home videos
  955. Watching kids play sports
  956. Watching my grandchildren
  957. Watching people
  958. Watching planes take off/ land at the airport
  959. Watching sports (live or on TV)
  960. Watching the deer or other wild animals
  961. Watching the ocean
  962. Watching TV, videos, or DVDs
  963. Watching your children on Christmas morning
  964. Watching your favorite television shows
  965. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel good
  966. Wearing casual clothes
  967. Wearing comfortable clothes
  968. Wearing frilly undergarments
  969. Wearing makeup
  970. Wearing new or nice clothes
  971. Wearing perfume
  972. Wearing sexy clothes
  973. Whistling
  974. White-water canoeing
  975. Whittling
  976. Wine tasting
  977. Woodworking
  978. Work on your car, truck, or motorcycle
  979. Work out
  980. Work outside
  981. Working on a project
  982. Working on textiles (embroidery, needlepoint, weaving, knitting, etc.)
  983. Working on your bicycle
  984. Working with a team
  985. Write a letter to someone who has made your life better and tell the person why. (You don’t have to send the letter if you don’t want to.)
  986. Write a letter to someone you love
  987. Write a list of the things you like about yourself
  988. Write a loving letter to yourself when you’re feeling good, and keep it with you to read when you’re feeling upset
  989. Write a poem, story, movie, or play about your life or someone else’s life
  990. Write a story about the craziest, funniest, or sexiest thing that ever happened to you
  991. Write in your journal about the things that make you feel good or what you are learning that is helpful so you can go back to it when things are tough
  992. Write in your journal or diary about what happened to you recently
  993. Write your Bucket List
  994. Writing a song or composing music
  995. Writing diary/journal entries
  996. Writing down a list of things I am grateful for
  997. Writing letters, card, notes to a friend or family member
  998. Writing on good paper with a good pen
  999. Writing stories, books, poems, articles
  1000. Zombie apocalypse preparation by learning survival skills.