ITAA in Seattle, WA

Velkommen til Anonyme Internet- og Teknologiafhængige! Vi er glade for, at du har fundet os, og vi håber, at vores fællesskab kan være lige så nyttigt for dig, som det har været for os. ITAA er et tolv-trins fællesskab af individer, som støtter hinanden i at komme sig fra internet- og teknologi-afhængighed. Det omfatter afhængighed af sociale medier, smartphones, streaming af video- eller lydindhold, spil, nyheder, pornografi, dating-apps, online research, online shopping eller enhver anden digital aktivitet, der bliver tvangspræget og problematisk. 

Meetings in Seattle

When: The first Tuesday of every month 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Where: Central Lutheran Church – Parish House, 1710 11th Ave, Seattle WA 98122
Public Transportation: We are a 5 minute walk from the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station (Denny St. Exit).
Parking: There is metered street parking and a parking lot directly to the north of the Parish House. Parking in the lot is by mobile phone only. We have a discount code for the lot. In order to receive the code, please park and enter the Parish House.

Additional meetings

If you’re new, we encourage you to try attending six meetings in a short period of time to see if our program may be helpful to you. In addition to our local in-person meeting, you can also review our other in-person meetings and a complete schedule of online meetings. Alle møder er helt gratis og anonyme.

Hvordan fungerer møder?

If you will be joining a meeting for the first time, there’s no need to be nervous. Most of our meetings are very simple; each meeting has a chairperson who leads the meeting, and most meetings are one hour long. The chair and other volunteers read some opening statements, before we open the meeting for members to share. There is no requirement to share, and it’s okay to just listen. You can share how you are doing, introduce yourself and what brought you to ITAA, or ask questions. Unless requested by the member sharing, we do not offer suggestions or comments in response to other’s shares; we simply listen non-judgmentally. At the end of the hour, the meeting will end with some closing statements, after which members usually talk casually, ask questions, and exchange contact details.

Ressourcer til internet- og teknologiafhængighed

Hvis du spekulerer på, om du måske har en internet- og teknologiafhængighed, kan du gennemgå vores spørgeskemaer til internetafhængighed, afhængighed af sociale medier, afhængighed af streaming, Telefonafhængighed, eller afhængighed af videospil. Du kan også lære mere om ITAA ved at læse vores guide til nyankomne, gennemgår vores redskaber til genopretningeller lytte til medlemmernes historier om at komme sig.

ITAA er ikke tilknyttet nogen politisk dagsorden, religion eller eksterne interesser. Vi er helt selvforsynende og gratis for alle, der har brug for det. Vores eneste formål er at afholde os fra tvangsmæssig brug af internet og teknologi og at hjælpe andre med at finde frihed fra denne afhængighed.

Again, welcome! We hope this community is able to provide the support you need in your recovery from internet and technology addiction. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Page last updated on juli 20, 2023