Ankündigungen Bulletin Board

Dies ist ein regelmäßig aktualisiertes Bulletin Board mit Ankündigungen zur ITAA als Ganzes.


We have unfortunately recently had several cases of trolls disrupting ITAA meetings. To help keep meetings safe, we suggest that members read ITAA’s security guidelines for meetings: (Link may be posted in the chat). Meetings are encouraged to hold group consciences and discuss plans for how to prevent and respond to disruption.

ITAA suggests that all meetings provide an email address for contact, so that the international business meeting can reach all groups with important information when needed. Meetings can share their contact email address with the webmasters or have it added directly to their calendar event.

A new ITAA Cross-Addiction meeting is starting. It will meet every Thursday, 4:30 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time in the Recovery Room. The first meeting will be held Thursday, May 13th, and there will be a speaker qualifying on cross-addiction recovery on May 20th. Please support the meeting through your attendance and service. 

No further reports of suspicious phone calls have been made, so access to the outreach list spreadsheet has been re-enabled. Please only share it directly with other members, and do not post the link in open forums.