Adjusting Slack settings

This document covers some of the settings an ITAA member can adjust to make this tool less compulsive.

Desktop client and website

The interfaces for the desktop client and the website are nearly identical, so they are covered together in this section.

User preferences

To access user preferences, click “ITAA Fellowship” in the upper left corner, and then choose “Preferences”.

  • Under the “Notifications” section
    • Change “Notify me about” to “Direct message, mentions & keywords” (or to “Nothing” if you prefer)
    • You may want to keep the “Notify me about replies to threads I’m following” box checked 
    • If you use a mobile device, you may want to check the box for “Use different settings for my mobile devices”
  • Under the “Sidebar” section
    • You can change the sidebar to only show channels and DMs which are unread. You can still navigate to other channels or DMs by clicking or tapping on the “+” sign. You can also choose to star certain channels or DMs, so that they do not disappear once read.
  • Under the “Messages & Media” section
    • There are several options to change how emojis are displayed, including an option to disable emojis and see plain text instead
    • Under the “Inline Media & Links” sub-section, you can turn off previews for video, pictures, and text from links or uploaded files
  • Under the “Accessibility” section
    • Under the “Animation” sub-section you can turn off animation for images/emojis
  • Under the “Advanced” section
    • Under the “Other options” sub-section you can disable channel suggestions and survey links from Slackbot (an automated message and reminder system).
Pausing notifications/do not disturb
  • To pause all notifications, click “ITAA Fellowship” in the upper left corner (see picture in the “user settings” section above), then hover over “Pause notifications” and select the amount of time you want to pause notifications for. There is also an option to set a “Do Not Disturb” schedule for when to allow/pause notifications.
  • Under the “Pause notifications” menu, there is also an option to set yourself away. This will remove the small green dot next to your username that indicates that you are online. This may send you notifications via mobile or email if you have that setting enabled; see the next item below.
  • Under the “When I’m not active on desktop” section of the Notifications menu in your preferences, you can uncheck the box so that Slack does not email you when you have notifications. You can also set a time for how long Slack will wait before sending you a notification message to your mobile device or email, if you have either of these enabled.
  • Under the “Sound and Appearance” section in the Notifications menu, you can disable message previews in notifications and disable all sounds from Slack.
Channel-specific notification settings
  • To access your settings for a channel, look at the top of the channel where you see the channel name, and to the right of that find and click on the letter “i” in a circle. A “Details” pane will open to the right. In the details pane, find the button for “More” (which will be … in a circle) and click that to expand the menu.
  • Using the “notifications” menu item, you can set channel-specific preferences for what messages you do and do not want to get notifications about.
  • Using the “Mute” option, you can mute all notifications for that channel.
  • You can also leave a channel by right clicking on it and selecting “Leave channel”. You can find it again and rejoin anytime by clicking on the “+” sign to the right of the word “Channels” in the sidebar.

Phone/tablet app

Navigating the mobile app

In the new version of the mobile app, the main screen will show a list of threads, channels and direct messages. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see an “IF” button that is equivalent to the “ITAA Fellowship” menu on the website and desktop client.

New app version
Old app version

In the old version of the app, the main screen shows a channel instead of navigation options. The three dots in the upper right corner open a menu that is equivalent to the one opened by the “IF” button in the new version of the app. To get to the list of threads and channels, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to bring up the controls pane, and then swipe left and right until you get to the “Channels and direct messages” view.

User preferences
  • To access user preferences, tap the “IF” button from the main screen, then tap “Preferences”.
  • At the top of the preferences page, you have the option to change “Your availability” from “Active” to “Away”. When you set yourself to away, this will remove the small green dot next to your username that indicates that you are online. This will apply to all of your currently logged-in devices.
  • Under “Notifications” you can choose whether to be notified for all messages, just direct messages and mentions, or nothing.
    • You can also choose additional mobile-specific settings, such as “Notify me on mobile” (which allows you to set options to receive mobile notifications only when you are inactive/idle on the desktop/website versions of Slack) and controlling what format the notifications take on your mobile device.
      • If the “Notify me on mobile” option is not showing, you will need to go to notification preferences on the website or desktop app and enable “Use different settings for my mobile devices”
    • In this section you can also schedule when to automatically turn “Do Not Disturb” on, set specific keywords you want to be notified about, and modify existing channel-specific notification preferences (but you cannot create channel-specific notification settings here, see the channel-specific section below).
    • Under “Do not disturb” you can pause notifications for a specific period of time, and schedule do not disturb to automatically turn on/off at specific times. These settings are device-specific, so you can turn on do not disturb on your phone but continue receiving notifications on your computer. (Note: In the old app, “Do not disturb” is its own settings section separate from “Notifications”)
  • Under “Accessibility” you can turn off animated images and emojis.
  • Currently you cannot change Slackbot settings from the app, you will need to use the website or desktop client.
Pausing notifications/do not disturb

On mobile devices, these settings are included in the “Notifications” section under “Preferences”, and are described in the section above.

Channel-specific notification settings
  • To access channel-specific settings, tap the channel name at the top of the screen (old app version) or the “i” in a circle in the right corner of the screen (new app version)
New app version
Old app version
  • Here you can turn on “Mute channel” to silence all notifications for a specific channel, or choose “Notifications” to set channel-specific notification preferences