Slack community guidelines

We ask that members of the ITAA Fellowship Slack uphold the following guidelines:

  1. Please do not share any memes or animated gifs. 
  2. Please do not share any links, videos, images, or files that are not recovery related, and please only share these in relevant channels in which links are allowed, as specified by the channel description. When sharing any of these contents, please first write a written description of the nature of the content, and then reply to your initial message with the link/video/image/file. This hides the linked content in the message thread, so that members can read the description first and choose whether or not they want to view it.
  3. Members are allowed to share links to the ITAA website and online meetings anywhere in the slack, including channels in which links are otherwise disallowed. Please follow the same threading format (write a description and reply with the link).
  4. Members may share personal photos or videos (e.g., an image of a hike we took, or of our written stepwork) in any slack channel, so long as they are relevant to the channel purpose. Please follow the same threading format. Please try to keep the content recovery-focused, and be sensitive to the fact that many ITAA members are also members of other recovery programs. As such, it is recommended that members avoid posting images or videos which may trigger cross-addictions, such as alcoholism, overeating, sex and love addiction, or gambling. 
  5. In general, please try to refrain from profanity in public channels. We hope to keep this Slack welcoming for ITAA members of all ages.
  6. Inappropriate messaging of a sexual, discriminatory, or abusive nature is not tolerated in any channels, nor in direct messages.

These guidelines are intended to keep this slack as safe, welcoming, and non-compulsive as possible for all members of ITAA. If you feel any of the guidelines are not being honored, or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please reach out to one of the moderators. A list of our current moderators can be found in #group_conscience.