Доска объявлений

Это регулярно обновляемая доска объявлений с объявлениями, относящимися к ITAA в целом.


We encourage every meeting to write to the webmasters and provide a contact email. Having contact information is a vital part of running an effective, well-functioning meeting and helps us provide the best possible experience for newcomers and returning members alike. Thank you!


There is interest in starting another in-person meeting in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley area. We are currently looking at locations in Sherman Oaks, Encino, or the Lake Balboa area. We would love input from the community, especially days and times that best suit local members. Please contact Juliette at julie.at.itaa@gmail.com


We recently gathered to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our treasured ITAA fellowship. There was so much love in our virtual rooms. Below is a link to the Recovery Stories page, where an audio recording of Tomas K’s share from the celebration can be found.

A new in-person group has sprung in the Seattle area! Meetings have begun in Bellevue at the Alano club of the Eastside (12302 NE 8th St), every Saturday at 10:30 am. Contact eastside.itaa@gmail.com if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!