Suggestions for Beginners

These are some suggestions for things that have helped some of our members in early recovery. You do not have to follow all of them exactly or right away.

  • Visit an ITAA meeting to meet and hear from others who can relate to your struggles.
  • Let somebody you trust know that you are trying to change your behavior.
  • Define safe, intermediate, and off-limits internet and technology behaviors.
  • Track your internet and technology use with a friend or on a spreadsheet.
  • Bookend your internet and technology use with a friend.
  • Consider exchanging your smart phone for a flip phone.
  • Close your social media accounts.
  • Utilize a 12-step plan of recovery.
  • Invest in your mental health and work with a trained mental health practitioner.
  • Practice meditation and exercise.
  • Create action plans around potentially dangerous internet and technology behaviors.
  • Call members of ITAA, friends or family when you feel urges.
  • Create safe spaces by removing internet access from your home, workplace, or other areas.