WhatsApp Group Support

ITAA has an active WhatsApp support group for our members to share experience, strength and hope. We post meeting reminders, share about our recovery, and request advice and phone calls from other members. We strictly uphold each other’s anonymity, and avoid posting profanity, urls, memes, gifs, or other triggering content. To join the WhatsApp group, please send a message through our contact form with your first name, your WhatsApp phone number, and a short note explaining that you’d like to be added to the group.

Please note the following regarding Whatsapp:
• You must have a smartphone with a registered phone number.
• Your phone number (and any other information you include on your WhatsApp profile) will be visible to all other members of the WhatsApp group.
• It is free to use.
• It is encrypted.
• It allows text messaging and phone calls.

Not all of us choose to join the WhatsApp group, as it can be compulsive for some of our members, and others do not have smart phones. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to attend a meeting and ask other members for their phone numbers and emails, so that you can be in touch directly for outreach.