ITAA Conventions

The first International ITAA Convention was held in Berlin, Germany on the 9th and 10th of November 2019. You can read about the convention and members’ stories in our newsletter.

The next International Gathering will happen near Ringsted, Denmark, on 26-28th of June 2020. More information below:

June 2020 ITAA Convention in Hallingelille, Denmark


The Second European Gathering of Internet & Technology Addicts Anonymous

No really, what?
Getting together with other ITAA members, sharing our experience, strength and hope, practicing prayer and meditation, being wrong and promptly admitting it.

26-28 June, 2020

Hallingelille Ecovillage, Hallingebjergvej 1, 4100 Ringsted, Denmark

You, we hope. And us. And as many other ITAA members as possible.

Food, accomodation, transport, etc:
You will eat – probably meals prepared by participants, possibly helped by friendly volunteers.  You will have somewhere to sleep should you wish to – the details are to be worked out. You will get there – plan to travel to Ringsted train station, we will find a way to get you the rest of the way.

Participation in The Gathering itself will be free, 7th tradition donations are welcome. We may need to charge for the food, or set a “minimum donation”.

More information?
Contact Nis ( or +45 3074 6668) with your questions, or to be kept in the loop as things evolve.

Want to help with organizing?
Contact Nis ( or +45 3074 6668) to be added to the organizing committee.