Service Positions and Committees

Thank you for your interest in being of service at the fellowship level in ITAA! Service is not only an invaluable tool for our own recoveries, it also helps the entire ITAA fellowship—from newcomers at their first meeting, to old-timers, to the groups, and the fellowship as a whole.

Upcoming ITAA committee meetings and business meetings

Fellowship-level service positions
  • Chairpersons: There are 2 co-chairs for the international business meetings who are elected to 6-month terms. Each co-chair manages one business meeting a month. The duties of the Chairpersons are to chair the business meetings and also to update and maintain these written guidelines so that they remain current. They work with the Secretaries to finalize the agenda. If you are interested in being a co-chairperson, please email

  • Secretaries: There are 2 Co-secretaries for the international business meetings who are elected to 12-month terms. Each co-secretary manages one business meeting a month. The secretaries take minutes during the business meeting and create the agenda for the meeting. They work with the Chairpersons to finalize the agenda. If you are interested in being a co-secretary, please email

  • Co-Webmaster: ITAA has at least 2 Co-Webmasters (though there may be more than 2) who may be elected for terms up to 2 years in length (shorter terms are also acceptable). The co-webmasters maintain, update, and modify ITAA’s website in service of the fellowship group conscience. The webmasters also manage ITAA’s Zoom accounts, Google Ads account, and meeting calendar. The co-webmasters have the authority to make minor changes to the website that are in the spirit of the existing website. Any drastic changes, new sections, or substantial disagreement can be referred to the fellowship business meeting. If you are interested in being a co-webmaster, please email

  • Co-treasurer: There are 2 Co-Treasurers who are elected to 12-month terms. The treasurers maintain ITAA’s accounts and record any spending and donations. The treasurers typically present a report to the business meeting on the first weekend of each month. The treasurers do not have the power to independently make spending decisions. A decision to take on a new expense must be made by the international business meeting. If you are interested in being a co-treasurer, please email

  • Email responder: ITAA’s email responders help respond to general inquiries sent through the ITAA website. This may involve providing information about ITAA, our meeting schedule, the resources on our website, or redirecting messages to other trusted servants (i.e., the secretaries, webmasters, a specific committee, or a specific group). Typically, each Email Responder will choose a specific day and time that they will respond to emails (for example, one Email Responder might choose Wednesday evenings, another might choose Saturday afternoons), so the weekly time commitment for each Email Responder is usually 15 to 30 minutes. Present and former Email Responders are available to help onboard new Email Responders. We make sure that we have at least three email responders at any given time, but we may elect more than that. Email responders must have at least 3 months in ITAA, and each elected Email Responder may choose their term length, from 3 months up to 2 years. Email Responders may nominate themselves for reelection to additional terms if they wish to. If you are interested in being an Email Responder, please email

  • Group Service Representative (GSRs): GSRs are elected by groups to help represent them at ITAA’s international business meetings, and they ensure that our groups’ voices are heard when making fellowship-level decisions. Groups are encouraged to hold group consciences to elect GSRs and to define the service requirements, responsibilities, and term lengths. The following resource contains more information on GSRs:
    What is a ‘Group Service Representative’ in ITAA?
Fellowship-level committees
  • Annual Global Conference Committee: This committee has been formed to plan and run the annual ITAA global conference, to take place around our birthday (June 23). This committee will decide what events and activities will take place (meetings, speakers, social etc) over what time frame (24hrs, 48hrs, a week etc) as well as managing any necessary budget and finding volunteers to run the conference. If you are interested in being part of the Annual Global Conference Committee, please email

  • In-person Meeting Committee: The committee is planning for ways to support in-person meetings when permitted safely. If you are interested in being part of the In-person Meeting Committee, please email

  • Incorporation Committee: This committee has been formed to propose a plan for non-profit incorporation for ITAA, to carry out this plan once it has been approved by a fellowship wide business meeting, and to discuss and propose bylaws for ITAA. Participation is open to all. If you are interested in being part of the Incorporation Committee, please email

  • Interpersonal Safety Committee: This committee works on guidelines and procedures for dealing with inappropriate behavior within ITAA, including actions or comments that are aggressive, sexual, or discriminatory in nature. Participation is open to all. If you are interested in being part of the Interpersonal Safety Committee, please email

  • Literature Committee: The Literature Committee has been formed to write conference approved ITAA literature to support our fellowship’s primary purpose. Participation is open to all. If you can’t attend the meeting time due to time zone issues, please reach out to the contact person. The upcoming meeting agenda and past minutes can be found here. For any questions or comments, please email

  • Public Relations Committee: This committee has two service roles: Interviewees and Organizers. Interviewees are members who are notified when a message is sent through the website requesting to interview a member of ITAA about our fellowship or program of recovery. Organizers manage incoming requests, conduct public outreach, write and maintain resources that go out to journalists, and keep the fellowship business meeting updated with reports. Committee members may choose one or both of these service roles. To be a part of this committee, members should have 5 months in ITAA, be attending meetings regularly, be working the 12 steps, and have at least some sobriety as they define it. If you are interested in being part of the Public Relations Committee, please email
  • Web Content Committee: The committee discusses content review and structure and the whole fellowship is invited to participate, with a committee membership requirement of having attended at least 6 meetings. If you are interested in being part of the Web Content Committee, please email

  • Website translation: If you would like to translate the ITAA website into another language, you can help carry our message non-English speaking addicts. If you are interested in helping translate the site, please email