ITAA service positions

If you would like to volunteer for open service positions, please send a message through the contact form.

Open service positions

  1. Literature-writing committee: We are currently discussing a unified wording of the 12 Steps of ITAA, as there are several different versions currently in use. We will present a draft to the fellowship for approval. In the future, we may look at the 12 Traditions, the Mission Statement/Preamble, the Characteristics of Internet and Technology Addiction, and writing an ITAA Step-work Guide. Participation is open to all.
  2. Website translation: If you would like to translate the ITAA website into another language, you can help carry our message non-English speaking addicts.
  3. Incorporation Committee: This committee has been formed to propose a plan to non-profit incorporation for ITAA, to carry out this plan once it has been approved by a fellowship wide business meeting, and to discuss and propose bylaws for ITAA’s fellowship and service structure. Participation is open to all.
  4. Meeting Format Committee: To committee discusses and implements changes to the suggested meeting format. This committee is given the authority to change the script, but can refer any substantial disagreement back to the business meeting. Participation is open to all.
  5. Interpersonal Resolution Committee: This committee has been formed to discuss and propose a protocol for dealing with interpersonal conflict and discomfort within groups, including responding to comments that make others feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Participation is open to all.
  6. Web Content Committee: The committee discusses content review and structure and the whole fellowship is invited to participate, with a committee membership requirement of having attended at least 6 meetings.
  7. In-person Meeting Committee: The committee is planning for ways to support in-person meetings when permitted safely.
  8. A web content subcommittee has been formed to draft a list of questions for self-diagnosing tv/movies/streaming addiction for the website.
  9. Email responder: Currently four ITAA members help respond to emails through the website, and they welcome any members who wish to join them.
  10. Co-treasurer: The co-treasurers are responsible for maintaining ITAA’s financial records and bank account. There is currently an open position for this position.