A Guide For Newcomers

Welcome to ITAA! We’re glad you found our fellowship and are learning the good news that there’s hope for internet and technology addicts. If you’re brand new, here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

  1. You can read over some of the common signs of internet and technology addiction to help you understand whether you may have an addiction.
  2. We recommend that you try joining one of our online/phone meetings or a face-to-face meeting in your local area. It is generally recommended to attend 6 meetings in a short time frame before deciding whether this program is right for you. There is no need to receive permission before joining a meeting. We’re very friendly and welcoming of newcomers, and you will have the opportunity to share what you’re going through or ask any questions. It’s also okay to just listen in.
  3. We have a list of tools and practices that many of our members have found very useful as we’ve gotten sober from our addiction. You can find information about these tools on our Tools of Recovery page. You can also read and listen to the stories of recovering addicts.

Again, welcome. We hope that what you find here may be of help to you.