Service is the voluntary contribution of our time and energy to help other members of ITAA, just as we have been helped by others. It is a powerful tool in strengthening our own sobriety, and we have found it a gift to be able to make such a meaningful impact in the life of another person.

Below are various resources on how service works in ITAA and how you can get involved:

The Importance of Sponsorship
An overview of sponsorship, in which a sober member who has worked the Twelve Steps supports another member in their recovery.

International Service Meetings
Details and meeting information about our International Service Meetings (ISMs), in which we discuss important issues and develop solutions to strengthen the growth of our fellowship.

Service Positions and Committees
Details and meeting information about our various service committees, through which we write literature, maintain fellowship-wide services, and work together to continue improving ITAA.

A Guide to Service
Additional suggestions on how to practice the tool of service in ITAA, such as chairing meetings, calling newcomers, or writing about your own recovery experiences.

What is a ‘Group Service Representative’ in ITAA?
An overview of what it means to be a group service representative: a member who helps represent a particular ITAA group at our fellowship-wide ISMs.

Page last updated on January 23, 2023