Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous

Welcome to Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous! We’re glad you’ve found us, and we hope our community can be as helpful to you as it has been for us. ITAA is a Twelve-Step fellowship of individuals who support each other in recovering from internet and technology addiction. This includes addiction to social media, smartphones, streaming video or audio content, games, news, pornography, dating apps, online research, online shopping, or any other digital activity that becomes compulsive and problematic. 

Help for Internet and Technology Addiction

Regardless of how large or small you feel your problem may be, we encourage you to attend one of our daily meetings. They are free and open to anyone who struggles with compulsive internet use. Our meetings are safe, secure, and anonymous. ITAA is highly diverse, and our meetings include members of all ages, genders, and ethnicities from around the world. In addition to English, we also have meetings in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, and Portuguese. You may also find a local, in-person meeting in your city.

Internet and Technology Addiction resources

If you’re wondering whether you may have an internet and technology addiction, you can review our questionnaires for internet addiction, social media addiction, streaming addiction, phone addiction, or video game addiction. You can also learn more about ITAA by reading our guide for newcomers, reviewing our tools of recovery, or listening to members’ recovery stories.

ITAA is not affiliated with any political agenda, religion, or outside interests. We’re fully self-supporting and free to all who need it. Our single purpose is to abstain from compulsive internet and technology use and to help others find freedom from this addiction.

Again, welcome! We hope this community is able to provide the support you need in your recovery from internet and technology addiction. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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