Announcements and Service Bulletin Board

This is a regularly updated bulletin board with announcements and open service positions. If you would like to volunteer for open service positions, please send a message through the contact form.


Jessica and Daniel will be hosting the first ITAA weekend workshop to work all 12 steps in a single weekend, from Friday July 10 to Sunday July 12. Jessica and Daniel both have over 10 years of recovery in other programs and several months of sobriety in ITAA. The workshop will take place on Zoom, and the schedule is marked in yellow on the meetings calendar on the website. Each session is repeated twice daily to allow members in different time zones to attend. More details can be found on the individual calendar events on the website schedule.

Open service positions

  1. If you have more than 60 days of sobriety and would like to share either your top, middle, and bottom lines, or your recovery story, please send a message through the contact form.
  2. ITAA is in the beginning phases of incorporating as a non-profit. If you have ever set up a non-profit before, any expertise would be welcome.
  3. Literature-writing committee. We are currently discussing a unified wording of the 12 Steps of ITAA, as there are several different versions currently in use. We will present a draft to the fellowship for approval. In the future, we may look at the 12 Traditions, the Mission Statement/Preamble, the Characteristics of Internet and Technology Addiction, and writing an ITAA Step-work Guide.
  4. Communication tools committee. We are currently setting up a Slack workspace as an alternative to whatsapp. In the future, we have also discussed setting up a web forum.
  5. Website translation. If you would like to translate the ITAA website into another language, you can help carry our message non-English speaking addicts.