Announcements Bulletin Board

This is a regularly updated bulletin board with announcements pertaining to ITAA as a whole.


In the October business meeting we will be discussing either keeping our current fellowship name or changing it to ‘Internet and Screen Addicts Anonymous’. The change has been suggested as some members feel the new name better reflects their addiction. All ITAA members are welcome and encouraged to join the meeting. If you are not able to attend, you may submit short comments through the contact form on the website. Once we have a group conscience on this issue we will proceed to a vote with details to be announced on the voting procedure in due course.

The Sunday 12pm ET meeting will be electing a new co-chair at the meeting on September 27.

Individual meetings are invited to hold group consciences to choose a unique meeting name to help distinguish the meeting from others. Meetings are not required to have a name.

Some members of ITAA are interested in establishing a women & nonbinary ITAA weekly meeting. The script, chairs, time, and all other details of the meeting have not yet been decided. We will have a group conscience to start determining the details of the meeting; please fill out the doodle poll [link] on the announcements bulletin board by the end of September if you would like to have input on the time of this group conscience.