Announcements Bulletin Board

This is a regularly updated bulletin board with announcements pertaining to ITAA as a whole.


FIVE YEARS!! ITAA is celebrating our fifth birthday on June 23rd! We will honor this milestone with two speaker meetings on the 23rd to allow multiple time zones to attend. Additionally, we will have a fun, fellowship-filled event on the 19th. Specific times on both dates will follow shortly.

We welcome you to join us as we plan this landmark event! Our next planning meeting is this coming Wednesday, May 25th at 11 AM EDT and is on the ITAA calendar. Feel free to just show up or contact us:


ITAA has published a resource about Group Service Representatives (or GSRs). GSRs are elected by groups to help represent them at ITAA’s international business meetings, and they ensure that our groups’ voices are heard when making fellowship-level decisions. Members and groups are encouraged to read the resource and hold group consciences to elect GSRs.