Recovery Stories

Here we share the experience, strength and hope of ITAA members. We share about how it was, what changed, and how it is now.

Speaker tapes

Marco V – From Death’s Door to a Life of Freedom (Audio file, 38 minutes)
Nikki H – Finding Freedom from Social Media Addiction (Audio file, 28 minutes)
Mary Kate – A Creative Path Through Recovery (Audio file, 13 minutes)
Tomas K – ITAA Five Year Anniversary Celebration (Audio file, 32 minutes)
Rebecca W – We Want You Back (Audio file, 25 minutes)
Tomas K – An Unexpected Change (Audio file, 35 minutes)

Written stories

Stepping Stones
Recovery is Possible
The Only Thing That Worked
Quantifying Internet and Technology Addiction
Open Window

The above PDFs are in English. To read these stories using the translation feature of our website, click here.