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We remind everyone that the fastest way to end a zoom bombing is to select the Security shield button а затем Приостановить деятельность участника.


Two-way chat with the waiting room has now been enabled. In order to update our Zoom settings to require users to log in to join a meeting, we will be updating our Zoom links, meeting IDs, and passcodes on Sunday, October 1st. Please note that the host codes will remain the same as they currently are.
(Copy/paste into the chat and/or read out loud for dial-in members)
Serenity Room: Meeting ID 863 552 3974, Passcode 12
Recovery Room: Meeting ID 671 676 5473, Passcode 12
Service Room: Meeting ID 522 930 9009, Passcode 12


As a reminder, we will discuss and vote on the wording of Traditions 8 and 9 at our ISMs on October 1st at 1:30pm ET and October 14th at 9:30pm ET. Please join us! The suggested changes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_BUOBPJPpjD7TAiETOFhtTK0yRMxuvV0jOxb-9BsNcs/edit?usp=sharing


The North America Convention Committee is excited to announce that we are now planning our next convention! We are actively seeking volunteers to research venues for the 2024 North America Convention, ideally on the East coast of the United States. Those interested can reach out to itaa.nacc@gmail.com and we will send you our criteria.

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