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There have been zoom bombings recently. Please make sure to enter the host code at the start of the meeting and read the Security Guidelines for hosts. The fastest way to end a zoom bombing is to select the Bouton de sécurité et ensuite Suspendre les activités des participants.
Security guidelines:


We are excited to announce that there will be an in person ITAA Meeting starting in Austin, Texas. It will be a weekly meeting starting on Friday, September 22, from 8 to 9 pm. For more information please check out the In-Person Meetings page.


As we spent our last ISM discussing the recent zoom disruptions, we will discuss and vote on the wording of Traditions 8 and 9 at our ISMs on October 1st at 1:30pm ET and October 14th at 9:30pm ET. Please join us! The suggested changes can be found here:

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