Streaming addiction

Many ITAA members find that streaming addiction is one of their problems. Here are some questions that may help you decide if this is an issue for you:

1. Have you ever watched or binged video content longer or more often than you intended?

2. Do you have urges to watch video or streaming content that you can’t control or resist, despite your best efforts to the contrary?

3. Do you watch streaming videos every day? 

4. Have you ever stayed up all night or spent all day streaming?

5. Have you ever watched at inappropriate times (such as the night before a big deadline, while driving, while with family or friends or when you’re supposed to be working or studying)?

6. Have you ever spent extended periods of time watching content you didn’t enjoy? 

7. Have you ever tried to reduce, moderate or abstain from streaming activities just to start again, months, days or even hours later? 

8. Do you use streaming video as a way to avoid other activities, including being productive, or doing other things you usually love to do?

9. Have you ever isolated yourself with your streaming behavior instead of maintaining or forming meaningful personal relationships? 

10. Do you use streaming video to avoid or cope with your emotions?

11. Has your video streaming negatively affected your work, studies, social life, or ability to pursue your goals?

12. Have you ever neglected your basic needs (e.g. eating, sleeping, hygiene) because of your streaming behavior? 

13. Has your streaming caused any health concerns? For example, loss of sleep, pain or stiffness from immobility, eye problems, deterioration in physical fitness, among others?

14. Has your video streaming caused any psychological issues, such as heightened anxiety, increased depression, or ability to focus on other things?

15. Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed about your streaming behaviors?

16. Have you ever lied to friends and family about your streaming behavior or hidden it from them?

17. Have you ever felt unreasonably upset, frustrated or anxious because you were not able to watch what you wanted or when you wanted? 

If you have answered yes to several of these questions, you might consider reading our guide for newcomers to begin exploring the practical solutions our program can offer.