Phone/Online Meetings

Our meeting schedule can be found below. Unless otherwise noted in the meeting details, meetings are held in English on the Zoom link below (meeting ID 879 5310 9178):
Dial-in passcode: 981762
International dial-in numbers
How to make a low-data zoom call from your smart phone

Our meetings have screen-sharing turned off and encryption turned on. Hosts are able to mute and remove any disruptive participants. If you are hosting a meeting, here is a guide on how to respond to disruption.

Times are displayed in your local time zone, and you can hover over each meeting for more meeting details. You can also click on the button on the top right to switch from ‘Day’ view to ‘Week’ view.

You can add this calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the menu button in the top right, going to preferences, copying the iCalendar url for the desired calendars, and importing it into your personal calendar.

A guide to the meeting schedule’s color code:
Blue meetings are for internet and technology addicts, as well as for those who think they might be addicts. Newcomers are happily welcome.
Lavender meetings are open to ITAA members, newcomers, and non-addicts interested in ITAA’s program of recovery from addiction, such as friends, family, researchers, or journalists. Those who do not identify as internet and technology addicts may attend open meetings as observers.
Peach meetings are ITAA business meetings for discussing issues related to administration and service. They are open to any member of ITAA.
Grey striped meetings are in a non-English language. Current non-English meetings include French, Russian, and Spanish.

A guide to the different meeting names:
Many meetings on the calendar have unique names. This is a friendly way to help members distinguish the meetings from each other. Some meetings may have special formats, and you can hover over or click on a meeting to see the meeting details. If there are no meeting details, the meeting likely follows some version of the standard meeting script. Each meeting is independent and has a slightly different flavor—if you’re not sure which to join, you can try out a couple different meetings to see which ones resonate with you.

How do meetings work?
Each meeting has a chairperson. If you arrive to a meeting and the chairperson is not present, you can volunteer to lead using the meeting script.

If you will be joining a meeting for the first time, there’s no need to be nervous. Most of our meetings are very simple; each meeting has a chairperson who leads the meeting, and most meetings are one hour long. The chair and other volunteers read some opening statements, before we open the meeting for members to share. There is no requirement to share, and it’s okay to just listen. You can share how you are doing, introduce yourself and what brought you to ITAA, or ask questions. Unless requested by the member sharing, we do not offer suggestions or comments in response to other’s shares; we simply listen gratefully and non-judgmentally. At the end of the hour, the meeting will end with some closing statements, after which members usually stay on the line to talk casually, ask questions, and exchange contact details.