Phone/Online Meetings

You can join our 6 weekly meetings by phone, smartphone app, or web browser. Times are displayed in your local time zone:

You can add this calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the menu button in the top right, going to preferences, copying the iCalendar url for Calendar 1, and importing it into your calendar. If you are having trouble viewing the calendar for any reason, please let us know.

Each meeting has a chairperson. If you arrive to a meeting and the chairperson is not present, anybody can volunteer to lead by using the meeting script.

Telephone Dial-in Instructions:
The US teleconference number is (605) 472-5322, followed by the access code, 624357 and the pound # key. Here are local dial-in numbers for other countries. Please mute after joining. Please note that the meeting host will be able to see your phone number when you dial in by phone (but nobody else will be able to). A list of anonymizing prefix codes by country can be found here.

Smartphone App Instructions:
Download the app “Free Conference Call” from the Android Google Play store, or Apple iTunes store. The app will appear with the icon FCC once you load it. To reach our call, use the meeting ID internetandtechaa.

Web Access Instructions:
To access the calls by web, go to A box will pop-up titled “Join the Meeting” Enter in your first name, plus an email address – if you don’t want to use your own email address you can enter a false one, such as Do not check the box saying that you want your own account. Then press the green “Join” button. At the screen that comes up afterwards, press the icon that looks like a phone. Then select “Mic and Speakers” to listen over the computer.

Meeting Format
If you will be joining a meeting for the first time, you can take a look at our meeting format to get a sense of how the meetings work. Our phone meetings are very simple; each meeting has a chairperson who leads the meeting, and the meeting lasts approximately 1 hour. We start by going around and introducing ourselves by first name only. Then the chair and other volunteers read some opening statements, before we open the meeting for members to share. There is no requirement to share, and it’s okay to just listen. Most meetings have a topic, but it is also okay to just share how you are doing, introduce yourself and what brought you to ITAA, or ask questions. Unless a question is asked, members will not offer suggestions or comments in response to other members’ shares; we simply listen gratefully and non-judgmentally. Sometimes, the meeting leader may read from 12-step literature. Then the meeting will end with some closing statements, after which often times members stay on the line to share more, ask questions, or exchange contact details. If you are looking for a sponsor, this is also a good time to ask other members if anybody is available.