Speaker share meetings

Welcome! Below is a calendar showing all of our online meetings that feature speaker shares. These meetings start with an experienced member of ITAA giving an extended share about their journey in recovery, and this is usually followed by a period of sharing. Speaker share meetings are wonderful opportunities to hear the experience, strength and hope of other members in depth.

Meeting times are displayed in your local time zone. You can find the details for each meeting by clicking on the meeting event in the calendar. Please note that you may need a Zoom account to join.

Adding a speaker share to the calendar

If you would like to add a speaker share to this calendar, please reach out to <EMAIL> with the time and day of the meeting, as well as the name of the member who will be sharing.

Accessibility-related resources

Accessibility for speech and hearing impaired members

Bandwidth need when using 3G, 4G/LTE, or 5G (support.zoom.us)

How to stop all incoming video (support.zoom.us)

Page last updated on November 19, 2023