Service Opportunities

One of our strongest tools in recovering is being of service to other addicts, as well as to our wider communities. ITAA is entirely a volunteer organization, with no paid professionals. If you would like to find ways to get involved, here are a few opportunities to do so:

  1. ITAA is looking for a member to be a co-secretary of our monthly business meetings, together with our current acting secretary. Specifically, we are looking for a co-secretary who can attend the business meetings that occur during the night European time, when the current acting secretary cannot attend. The secretaries are responsible for maintaining the agenda ahead of the business meeting, asking another member to chair the business meeting, and taking notes during the business meeting. If you are interested in this service opportunity, please attend our upcoming business meeting, where you will be able to nominate yourself and explain why you believe you are well-qualified.
  2. Start a new meeting! Anybody can start a new meeting, including newcomers. We have a meeting script which you can use to lead a meeting. You can look at our meeting schedule to see gaps in which a new meeting could be added. It can be helpful to find a dedicated co-chair or meeting buddy so you’re not alone. If you start a new meeting, just send us an email through the contact form and we can add it to the calendar. In particular, we could use more meetings that are accessible to members in Asian timezones. Here are some more suggestions for starting new meetings.
  3. Offer to be a co-chair or backup leader to somebody else’s meeting.
  4. If you have some sobriety and some progress in working the steps, consider sponsoring another member. This is a great way to help others, and it is often as helpful for your own recovery as well.
  5. If you’re still figuring out recovery, you could consider being somebody’s co-sponsor or accountability partner. You could also set up a co-sponsorship meeting, or a literature-discussion meeting. Here are some notes on sponsorship and co-sponsorship.
  6. Join our monthly business meetings, where we discuss administrative issues for the good of the fellowship.
  7. Join our literature-writing committee, where we develop literature for the good of ITAA as a whole.
  8. Join our communication tools committee, where we are setting up more robust tools for fellowship communication.
  9. If you have ever set up a non-profit before, we are looking to officially incorporate ITAA. Any expertise would be welcome.
  10. If you have recovery in ITAA and want to share your story, we can add it to our Recovery Stories page.
  11. You can donate to the fellowship. Our monthly expenses are $75.

You can also be creative in thinking of other ways to be of service. Feel free to reach out through the contact page about any way in which you’d like to help carry the message to addicts in need.