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Welcome to Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous! We’re glad you’ve found us, and we hope our community can be as helpful to you as it has been for us. ITAA is a Twelve-Step fellowship of individuals who support each other in recovering from internet and technology addiction. This includes addiction to social media, smartphones, streaming video or audio content, games, news, pornography, dating apps, online research, online shopping, or any other digital activity that becomes compulsive and problematic. 

Below is our online meeting schedule. Meeting times are displayed in your local time zone. You can find the details of each meeting, including the link and local phone numbers, by clicking on the meeting event in the calendar. In addition to our online meetings, we also hold in-person meetings in Moscow.

If you’re new, we encourage you to try attending six meetings in a short period of time to see if our program may be helpful to you. If you speak English or other languages, you can also review our complete schedule of international meetings. All meetings are completely free and anonymous.

How do meetings work?

If you will be joining a meeting for the first time, there’s no need to be nervous. Most of our meetings are very simple; each meeting has a chairperson who leads the meeting, and most meetings are one hour long. The chair and other volunteers read some opening statements, before we open the meeting for members to share. There is no requirement to share, and it’s okay to just listen. You can share how you are doing, introduce yourself and what brought you to ITAA, or ask questions. Unless requested by the member sharing, we do not offer suggestions or comments in response to other’s shares; we simply listen non-judgmentally. At the end of the hour, the meeting will end with some closing statements, after which members usually stay on the line to talk casually, ask questions, and exchange contact details.

Internet and Technology Addiction resources

If you’re wondering whether you may have an internet and technology addiction, you can review our questionnaires for internet addiction, social media addiction, streaming addiction, phone addiction, or video game addiction. You can also learn more about ITAA by reading our guide for newcomers, reviewing our tools of recovery, or listening to members’ recovery stories. We have additional resources at

ITAA is not affiliated with any political agenda, religion, or outside interests. We’re fully self-supporting and free to all who need it. Our single purpose is to abstain from compulsive internet and technology use and to help others find freedom from this addiction.

Again, welcome! We hope this community is able to provide the support you need in your recovery from internet and technology addiction. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at if you have any questions.


Our meetings have screen-sharing turned off and encryption turned on. Hosts are able to mute and remove any disruptive participants. If you are hosting a meeting, we suggest you read ITAA’s guide on how to prevent and respond to disruption.

Accessibility-related resources

Accessibility for speech and hearing impaired members

Bandwidth need when using 3G, 4G/LTE, or 5G (

How to stop all incoming video (

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