Written Recovery Guides

Welcome to ITAA! Here you can find a list of helpful resources that may help you as you embark on your recovery journey.

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of ITAA
The guiding principles of our program.

A Guide For Newcomers
A list of six simple suggestions for getting started in ITAA.

Recovery Stories
Recorded and written stories from recovered members of ITAA.

Tools of Recovery
Time-tested tools and strategies that can help us stay sober.

Discovering Sobriety Worksheet
A worksheet designed to help us map out our internet addiction recovery plan with questions and prompts to follow along with.

Understanding Sobriety, Slips, and Relapses
An overview of what sobriety means in ITAA, as well as how to prevent and grow from slips and relapses.

Navigating Withdrawals
A description of the withdrawals process, along with recovery stories from four members.

Making Outreach Calls
A guide to calling other members outside of meetings.

The Importance of Sponsorship
Sponsorship is an informal relationship in which a more experienced member of ITAA helps guide us through recovery.

Stepworking Resources
This page includes links to literature from other programs that we can use to work the Steps, as well as some additional informal resources developed by members of ITAA.

A Guide to Service
An overview of ways in which we can do service and support the recoveries of other members.

Safety in ITAA
A guide to responding to unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

The Scientific Evidence Regarding Internet and Technology Addiction
An overview of the scientific literature regarding the effects and consequences of internet and technology addiction.